Boot Sale / Vide Grenier

2017 Boot sale Program. (More dates will probably be added for the summer months)
1st January Plusquellec
15th January Bulat Pestivien
5th February Plusquellec
19th February Bulat Pestivien
5th March Plusquellec
19th March Bulat Pestivien
2nd April Plusquellec
16th April Bulat Pestivien
7th May Plusquellec
14th May Saint Nicodeme
21st May Bulat Pestivien
4th June Plusquellec
18th June Bulat Pestivien
2nd July Plusquellec
9th July Saint Nicodeme
16th July Bulat Pestivien
30th July Locarn
6th August Plusquellec
13th August Mael-Pestivien
20th August Bulat Pestivien
3rd September Plusquellec
10th September Saint Nicodeme
17th September Bulat Pestivien
1st October Plusquellec
15th October Bulat Pestivien
5th November Plusquellec
19th November Bulat Pestivien
3rd December Plusquellec
17th December Bulat Pestivien

Photos of previous events on facebook

All events are morning only (approx. 9am-1:30pm) and exclusively outdoors.  Pitches are first come, first served, and cost a nominal fee of 1 euro (collected on day)

If you want to book a spot, please fill in this form (english) or in French

Otherwise, you can give us a ring on 02 96 21 58 40 (CBJ office hours Mon – Fri, 9-12) or send an email to:

The Boot Sale in Bulat Pestivien on the 28th September attracted 115 stalls. Musical intervention by Thomas Lotout (bombarde), Edern Bastard (binou) and Samuel on the bodhran.