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Low Cost Estate Agency.
Sales 2.5 % Commission.

Why buy through a high commission agency ?

It will always be a good idea to buy your property in Brittany with Bel Air Homes, as our sales commission is the lowest at just 2.5 % including VAT.

Other agencies charge varying commission rates, typically between 5% and 10 %, with the average being around 8%. It is therefore well worth asking an agent BEFORE viewing how much commission they will be asking you to pay them, should you proceed with the purchase of the property !

A friendly professional bilingual service designed around your requirements.

Bel Air Homes is a fully French registered and insured estate agency, and a member of FNAIM (Fédération Nationale de l'Immobilier), the national association of estate agents.

Bel Air Homes - Join us.

Become a commercial agent in real estate.
Anywhere in France. 80% commission paid.

Mon-Sat - 9:30am-6pm

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